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Base: 'That Basic Sock Base'

Fibre Content: 75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon

Meterage: 12 x 42.5m (510m in total)

Thickness: 4 Ply/Fingering

Weight: 12 x 10g (120g in total)


This set includes 12 of my favourite colourways from the recent advent! From left, these are: Sun, Earth, Red Moon, Neptune, Nebula Splash. Asteroid Belt, Venus, Nebula Cloud, Green Light, Pink Moon, Purple Mist, Solar Ecipse. These colourways are also available to purchase individually as full skeins which you can find here.


Please note there are only a very limited quantity of these and I will not be dyeing them again. So if you'd like one, I'd advise you get it whilst it's still in stock :)

'The Space Collection' Mini Set - 12 x 10g

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