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Exploring Scheepjes Whirl

Read on to hear about my latest bag design and the inspiration behind it.

I came across a gorgeous ball of Scheepjes Whirl yarn online (the colourway 'Shrinking Violet') and immediately had to purchase! I have been aware of the Whirl collection for a while but have never actually used them before as they are quite expensive (but excellent quality). I had a bag design in mind and decided to purchase a Scheepjes Whirlette (the solid colour alternative) to accompany the gorgeous purple gradient. These photos are a combination of my Instagram stories this week which take you through most of my design process so far:

I initially started crocheting in a treble crochet stitch (as you can see in photo 2) but decided against this when I was quite far into the base. I decided that the fabric would be way too flimsy for a bag base so frogged back and started again in a sturdier double crochet which has worked very well.

The inspiration for this bag is from lavender fields (the purple bobble columns being the rows of lavender and the mint being the grass) so I decided to play with the gradient a bit. I used the lilac colour on the outside of the ball for the base and then changed to the deep violet in the centre of the ball for the bag sides. I thought this was appropriate as the lightening of the gradient would create the effect of the 'lavender fields' getting further into the distance but was also a great contrast to the base. The gradient is only in its early stages and is still very subtle so I'm excited to see how the colours work up

This project takes a lot of time (hence why its the only thing I've been working on this week and its not grown a lot) as there are numerous bobbles and also colour changes (which you can see me complaining about in my 6th photo).

I hope that this design will be released within the next few months as I love to see some of your interpretations of this pattern!

Thanks for reading

Joe :))

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