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How did I get into crochet?

In my last post, I shared some reasons why crochet is good for you. I've had a few people asking me how I got into crochet myself. So here it is!

It started in 2015, when I was 10 and the Loom Band craze was going on. I was mad on them! I made almost every single Loom Band bracelet on YouTube.

I came across a YouTube video one day which showed you how to make a Loom Band Granny Square. I was quite intrigued by the video and asked my mum to borrow a crochet hook. I managed to follow the tutorial and that was my first 'granny square'.

From here I found a tutorial to make a real crochet granny square, I remember the weird octagon shape that I made that day 😂. I did keep at it though and within my first week, I managed to have something that looked vaguely like a granny square.

I then continued to practice and develop my skills through library books and YouTube videos. I didn't actually use a pattern for the first 6 months, I just relied on charts and videos. When it came to actually reading patterns, that was a new skill in itself, but it wasn't too long before I'd picked it up.

The rest is history! I haven't stopped crocheting ever since!

Thanks for reading

Joe :)

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