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What have I been doing over the past few weeks?

I haven't posted on my blog or my Instagram feed in a few weeks as I've been very busy! Read this post to see what I've been up to.

1. Writing Patterns I have spent the past fortnight or so writing and preparing patterns (I've got some free ones coming out too) for the many designs I am working on.

The Lavender Fields Bag is now ready to go out to testers and I have a new sweater coming out sometime (hint = you'll need a fade set!!😉😉). Also, I have been grading the Red Hot Sweater to make it more size inclusive. The sizes will go from XS all the way to 6XL. Its been a big learning curve but it will definitely be worth it!

2. Stash busting I've been taking ideas from many designers for ways to use up my stash but have also been designing some stash busting projects myself! I've set up a depop shop (@handmadebyjoe) where I am going to be selling simple hats/bags made out of yarn from my stash which I don't need anymore.I will share the patterns for these simple, beginner projects on my blog for free so watch this space for more details. I'm trying to not buy as much yarn and be more ethical with my crafting and I think this is the perfect start for me! 3. Considering the future of my brand This summer is going to be a big one! I've got a lot of ideas for the future or my brand and business which will hopefully change it for the better. Hopefully a lot of these changes will be implemented this summer.For example, I AM THINKING ABOUT STARTING A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! I hope to do podcast style episodes where I talk about my projects and designs but also vlog-style videos about my daily life as a crochet designer. I'd love to know your thoughts on the YouTube Channel idea. PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS!

Thanks for reading

Joe :))

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