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Why crochet is good for you.

Read this post to find out some benefits of crochet. My aim is to get more people crocheting and hopefully this can persuade some people to pick up the hooks!

1. It let's you be so creative

Crochet has such a wide variety of stitches, many more than knitting and the beauty of it is that it is so unique that it cannot be recreated by any machine. When you see a crochet item, you know it is handmade because, unlike knitting, only human hands can create the beautiful stitches! You can easily create many different textures and styles of fabric (eg. lace, bobbles) without following complex charts and diagrams

2. It helps with your wellbeing

As well as the joy someone can get from crochet it really can help to improve wellbeing and health conditions such as pain, anxiety, depression and stress. Scientific studies show the benifits that crochet and knitting can give to your mental health.

3. You get to meet knew people

The crochet, knit and yarn community has been so supportive of me both online and in person. From people simply showing the love in comments on my Instagram post to meeting new people at yarn shows, the fibre community is such a lovely bunch of people!

Thanks for reading

Joe :)

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